SPA Series Devices - Auto Provisioning

NOTE: Depending on your model and the installed firmware version, you may have different web interface formats, settings, and functionality.

To auto provision a Cisco/Linksys SPA Series device:

1. Factory reset the phone 

2. When the phone powers on identify its IP Address using the menu key (located on the right with a folded page icon), then, depending on your model, either arrow down to:

A. the "Network" option and press the "Select" button. 


B. the "Status" option, then arrow down to "Network Status"

3. Enter the following into your browser's address bar. Then press "Enter". (This make take a few minutes to complete and your phone will reboot several times.): 

  • Replace PHONE_IP_ADDRESS with the IP Address displayed on the screen from step 2. ie.
  • Replace PHONE_SYSTEM_URL with the URL of your phone system. ie.