UCP Settings

The User Control Panel (UCP) is where an user can login and manage the system settings that affect their extension (and if they have permission, the settings of other extensions).

These settings include the Ability to Listen/Download Recorded Calls, View Call History, Manage Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and many others.

You can access the UCP by going to the web address (URL) of your company's phone system.

Example:  https://MYCOMPANY.jjcom.com 

MYCOMPANY, would be replaced with a word specific to your company.

If you are unsure of your company's URL please see your manager/supervisor or create a support ticket. We are always ready to help.



This article explains the options found when the settings link (circled in red) is clicked on after logging in.  If you do not know your username or password for the UCP please create a support ticket and we will reset and send you your credentials.


The interface is broken down into separate sections below.


Find Me/Follow Me




Should Find Me/Follow Me be enabled for this user

Findme/Follow Me can be "Toggled" on/off using the Feature Code: *21 (This must be done from the extension you wish to modify)


Follow Me List

List extensions to ring, one per line. You can include an extension on a remote system, or an external number by suffixing a number with a pound (#).


Example: 12223334444# would dial 1-222-333-4444



Message to be played to the caller before dialing this group.


Ring <Exten> First For

This is the number of seconds to ring the primary extension prior to proceeding to the follow-me list. The extension can also be included in the follow-me list. A 0 setting will bypass this.


Ring Followme List For

Time in seconds that the phones on the follow me list will ring. The number of rings will depend on region. Example: If a phone rings for 1 second then waits 2, each ring is 3 seconds.





Use Confirmation

Enable this if you're calling external numbers that need confirmation - eg, a mobile phone may go to voicemail which will pick up the call. Enabling this requires the remote side push 1 on their phone before the call is put through. Example "Press 1 to accept.


Remote Announce

Message to be played to the person RECEIVING the call, if 'Confirm Calls' is enabled

(Recommended) Leave this set to "none" to play the default message


Too-Late Announce

Message to be played to the person RECEIVING the call, if the call has already been accepted before they push 1.

(Recommended) Leave this set to "none" to play the default message



Call Forwarding

Weather or not to forward calls in a given state. Check the box and enter the destination in the text field.



CallForward Ringtimer

Number of seconds to ring prior to going to voicemail or other fail over destinations that may be setup by an administrator on this account. The Always setting will ring the call forward destination until answered or the caller hangs up. The Default setting will use the value set in Ring Time. Your setting here will be forced to Always if there is no Voicemail or alternative fail over destination for a call to go to.



Forward  calls immediately regardless of current state of line/PBX to the number entered.



Preconfigured number to which calls are forwarded if the customer endpoint becomes unresponsive due to an Internet outage or software/configuration failure of endpoint



Preconfigured number to which calls are forwarded if the customer endpoint is busy, usually due to being on an active call


Do Not Disturb

Used to indicate that this user does not wish to be disturbed.



Call Waiting

A service whereby someone currently in a telephone call is notified of an incoming call and is able to place the first call on hold while answering the second.



Where is save button?

All settings are updated and applied in real time. No need to press save.