SPA Series Devices - Manually Provisioning

NOTE 1: "YOURSERVER", "ACCOUNT", & "PASSWORD" are to be replaced with the extension specific information supplied to your account administrator by JJCOM.COM

NOTE 2: Depending on your model and installed firmware version, you may have different web interface formats, settings, and functionality.

1. Factory reset the phone 

2. When the phone powers on identify its IP Address using the menu key (located on the right with a folded page icon), then, depending on your model, either arrow down to:

A. the "Network" option and press the "Select" button. 


B. the "Status" option, then arrow down to "Network Status"

3. Type the IP Address displayed on the screen from step 2 into your browser's address bar.

4. Click on the "Admin Login" link, and then click on the "Advanced" link at the top of the page. 

5. Click on the "Ext1" tab, and configure as follows:

Line Enable: Yes 

NAT Keep Alive Enable: Yes 

SIP Port: 5060 


Register: Yes 

Register Expires: 120 



Use Auth ID: Yes 

Password: PASSWORD 

Preferred Codec: G.711

6. Click the "Submit All Changes" button

7. Click the "Phone" tab and set the "Voice Mail Number" to: *98